What does this phrase mean to you?


Maybe you have, too, but I’ve done it not by virtue of hero worship, although they are worthy, but more about the mental toughness and extraordinary training they undergo.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the infamous BUDS course and the extreme physical and mental demands for which the SEALS are famous.

You may not know about the exceptional cross-functional training they experience during their careers … communication, weapons, demolition, medical care, logistics … and the list goes on.

If you reflect on this phrase, it tells the story:

I’ve never seen a SEAL have his gun jam and wonder, What do I do next?

That’s the answer. Training. Education. By any other name, that’s it.

Too many organizations skimp – too often, skip – the training that’s essential to building a great team. They simply drop new employees into the deep end, believing that if they survive, they’ll be a good … maybe a great employee.

While that may test may work to test for resilience or stamina, it’s a poor excuse for training.

Are your people the best-trained employees in your industry?

Why not?

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