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John le Carre’s last interview

Some of you may have seen The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963), and thinking, wow, that’s some spooky sh**

But did you know that John le Carre is a pseudonym

I didn’t

for David John Moore Cornwell? He was actually a spy for MI5 and MI6 in England and left the service to write novels once this blockbuster hit

Next on my shelf will be his latest, Our Kind of Traitor, which reportedly is the “old” John le Carre

I’m not what that means to everyone, but it does confirm my sense that his novels got increasingly obtuse over time, with his George Smiley character as inscrutable as ever

You’d like all of those books if you liked If you love the clarity of James Bond, leave out the le Carre spooks

But, you couldn’t play solitaire and watch it at the same time, that’s for damn sure

Too much subtlety, nuance, innuendo, misdirection

like George Smiley

If you read or watch the interview, you’ll see that le Carre rejects the James Bond formula where it’s eminently clear who’s wearing the white or black hat

He prefers the uncertainty, and in his last several books, achieved it

If you’re paying close attention, great

If you’re reading in bed with your faculties flagging, it’s hard to keep it all straight

What do you think of John le Carre’s novels? If you love this genre, you must have read at least a few of these?

Thriller Roundtable

If you haven’t heard of it, you might want to check out 


org/2011/02/coming-february-28th-to-march-6th-what-is-your-favorite-thriller-sub-genre-why/” target=”_blank”>Thriller Roundtable, which during February 28th to March 6th, examines “What is your favorite thriller sub-genre?

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I’ve updated it this week to include Ken Follett’s novels along with The Judas Gate and Dead or Alive mentioned above, and a few of the recent favorites that I’ve mentioned on Let me know what you think

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Just arrived

and arriving on the bookshelf

  • John le Carre, Our Kind of Traitor, his 22nd novel in 50 years
  • Dead Zero, the 17th book in the Bob Lee Swagger series from Stephen Hunter

  • Brad Meltzer, The Inner Circle, is finally here

  • Three Stations with Arkady Renko, the Moscow detective from Martin Cruz Smith

So much more to say

so little time

What are you reading? Who do you like?

See ya next week!

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