Monday Quote of the Week: Everything that counts can’t be counted

When you consider this simple but insightful quotation, pay close attention to how it applies to your business.

We often say, “whatever gets measured, gets done” … or words to that effect.

Everything you can count may not be worth counting

We can count pennies. But it takes a lot of them to amount to much.

We can count pencils in the supply room but their value is insignificant, say, when compared to counting computers.


Can you count Attitude or Culture?

Contrarily, a Positive Attitude is a common denominator in great employees.

But an engaging culture rousts your senses and forms the foundation of a powerful, motivated, can-do-anything team.

Neither of these characteristics is easy to measure … they aren’t easily counted but they count for a lot.

Focus only on what matters

Take Albert’s advice to heart … and whether you can count it or not, focus only on what really matters.

In simple terms?

Don’t major in the minors … whether you can count them or not!

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