The Midnight Bell by Jack Higgins

The Midnight Bell by Jack Higgins

I finally got past the 2 great novels by Simon Gervais and turned to an oldie but goody.

Sean Dillon, the irrepressible character featured in the 22nd novel from Jack Higgins, The Midnight Bell, is a true force of nature. A former IRA hitman now working for the good guys in the “Prime Minister’s private army” in England, Dillon has incredibly avoided the inside of a prison cell despite his dark past. An actor at the age of 19, adept with several languages, he’s a lovable rogue whose antics are always a delight.

Higgins has been heralded by many as the “architect of the modern thriller” and I’ve read every one of the stories about Sean Dillon since his appearance in The Eye of the Storm, the first novel published in 1992. You may remember The Eagle Has Landed, which turned Higgins into an international bestselling author, with over 250 million copies sold and with translations into fifty-five languages.

Easy reading, great capers and a timeless character makes this a fun series.

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