Livia Lone by Barry Eisler

Livia Lone by Barry Eisler

Last week, I mentioned The Whistler, the latest novel by John Grisham. Not edgy enough, I said.

Not so, Livia Lone, the latest novel from the pen of Barry Eisler. Livia and her younger sister were sold into slavery by their Thai parents and Livia ultimately becomes a Seattle PD sex-crimes detective. She has never stopped looking for her sister … and she copes with her failure to protect her sister by doing everything she can to put predators in prison … or, when that fails, by putting them in the ground. One tough cookie.

This is a plenty edgy story and Eisler pulls no punches in describing some of the scenes. I loved the story and the character, but be prepared for some raw language and emotion.

BTW, I also highly recommend the 8 novels in Eisler’s John Rain series, starting with the first one, A Clean Kill in Tokyo. John Rain is an accomplished assassin. He’s half American, half Japanese, with a reputation for completing his assignments so the victims look like they died naturally.

Barry Eisler is only getting better. You can’t go wrong wherever you start.

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