Leading by Listening? What a concept!

Conductor… and, of course, who better to embody this powerful attribute than an orchestra conductor?

Imagine listening like a conductor, appreciating every note and intonation … recognizing that the bass section is too loud or the percussion section is interrupting the melody.

We can use these principles to improve our own listening skills … apply them to all of our varied constituents … and with this simple measure, strengthen our communication and leadership skills and build a more successful organization.

Roger Nierenberg, a conductor of orchestras around the world, also observes that there are many similarities to being on the podium or in the corner office.

  1. Have a clear and vibrant vision for your people’s success.
  2. Listen carefully to your people.
  3. Translate your agenda into directions that can be easily understood and executed by the players.
  4. It’s not about you. It’s about how the orchestra sounds under your direction.

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