Leadership = Balance & Harmony

Urban Meyer is returning as the football coach at the University of Florida, much to the delight of Florida fans everywhere. He has a remarkable track record wherever he’s been and with him, Florida won two national championships in 2006 and 2008. His winning record of .842 is the highest among active coaches with at least 5 years experience (at a Football Bowl subdivision).

So what, you say? Well, Urban Meyer is the poster child for the out of balance work life that earned him an ambulance trip to the hospital last December.

The good news?

[pullquote]Who says, on their death bed: “I wish I had worked a little harder.”[/pullquote]

Today, Meyer is the poster child for the “After” picture, showing us that people CAN change. Even when you relentlessly drive yourself toward perfection, and don’t slow down until you hit the oil slick bordering a steep cliff, change is possible. You can recalibrate your life, grab the people you love and give them the same energy and commitment you apply to your work life.

Someone once observed that on their death bed, no one ever says “I wish I had worked a little harder”. If you play a little harder, and hold closely the ones you love, you’ve got a good shot to postpone that inevitable day and actually earn more time to devote to everything … and most importantly, everybody … you love!

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