The Last Mile by David Baldacci

The Last Mile by David Baldacci

newsletter_The_Last_Mile_by_David_BaldacciDavid Baldacci has written 32 novels, translated into more than 45 languages, sold in over 80 counties … and with over 110 million copies in print worldwide.

So, unless you don’t read fiction at all, you’ve probably read at least one of his books. His just published The Last Mile, #2 in the Amos Decker series. It’s a tightly-drawn mystery that will challenge all of your sleuthing skills. I love Amos Decker, a hulking but exceptional character, who as a result of a brain injury, has one very special talent: He can’t forget anything.

In The Last Mile, Amos learns of a man on death row with a history remarkably similar to his own. When he joins an elite FBI team, he convinces them to pursue the case of Melvin Mars, who Decker is convinced is innocent despite his impending execution. What unravels is an incredible conspiracy that reaches deep into Southern mores and the pinnacles of Washington power.

This is another great series from David Baldacci, and as always, I suggest starting with Book #1 in this series, Memory Man.

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