House Revenge by Mike Lawson

House Revenge by Mike Lawson

newsletter_house_revengeOk, so I cheated a little. I told you I was going to power through Stephen King’s Bill Hodges Trilogy. I did finish Mr. Mercedes and had #2, Finders Keepers in my sights, but I decided to turn left to a familiar series. 

The Joe DeMarco series from Mike Lawson is one I really enjoy, in part because DeMarco may be the only hero who doesn’t carry a gun. I guess Jack Reacher doesn’t carry one either, but he sure knows how to use one. DeMarco, not so much. 

In House Revenge, the 10th novel in the series, DeMarco heads to Boston to help an elderly woman who is fighting a prominent developer determined to tear down her building and build a massive new development. DeMarco is a “fixer” for Congressman John Mahoney, former Speaker of the House, and currently the House Minority Leader. Mahoney’s a legendary figure who only wants the publicity for helping the woman … until the developer, a former contributor, disrespects him. He dispatches DeMarco, who’s only deployed when Mahoney operates outside the lines (which is often) … and then the fun begins. 

This is a terrific, but unique series, more cerebral activity than gun play. As always, I suggest starting with the first book in the series, The Inside Ring

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