The Forsaken by Ace Atkins

Ace Atkins is a New York Times best-selling novelist with 19 novels to his credit. Ace has been nominated for every major award in crime fiction, including the Edgar three times and twice for novels about former U.S. Army Ranger Quinn Colson.

Ace lives in Oxford, Mississippi, the home of countless authors including Nobel Laureate William Faulkner and John Grisham.

The Forsaken is the 4th book in the Quinn Colson series. In this case, Sheriff Colson tackles a lynching from 36 years ago and discovers there are still a bunch of folks around who know how to play dirty. I lost track of this series after the first 3 books I read, but now I’m back and ready to finish the 6 books in this terrific series.

As always, I recommend starting the series with the first book, The Ranger.

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