Are you sure you’re NOT quitting?

If you watched the Beijing Winter Olympics, you saw that this theme is NOT the attitude of an Olympic Athlete.
They are not quitters. Yes, they fall or make a slight error that costs them a spot on the podium, but they DO NOT QUIT!
How about you? Are you SURE you’re not quitting?

What does it mean to Quit?

Quitting doesn’t always mean stopping or ending what you’re doing. It could also mean “settling” for a less ambitious goal or a less favorable outcome.

It may be that your current objective is unattainable and your decision is perfectly rational. No problem there.

But is it possible … subconsciously perhaps … that you adjusted your goal simply to make it more achievable?

If someone you know … not you of course … reduced their annual goals so they would qualify for their bonus, you know what I mean.

“Tell me what’s on your mind and we’ll think about it together.”

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Michelangelo put it this way:

Are you just making a course correction ... or quitting?

If you have … we’ll say it kindly … reduced your expectations … you can take some comfort in the decades-old GE byline I frequently summon myself …

“Progress Is Our Most Important Product”.

Does that mean quitting is acceptable … or is it okay to simply call it progress?

You’ll have to decide for yourself … but progress is a worthy goal so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Just be mindful that every time you reduce the scope of your goals, it may be a sound decision … or you may be quitting on yourself.

Be clear about the distinction and make the best choice you can.

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