Making the Big Bucks … and Worldle (not Wordle).

Big Bucks inside the NBA ... and outside.

What surprised me the most is the size of the off-court earnings for so many of these NBA athletes, something that’s equally widespread in other sports.

Here are the NBA’s most marketable All-Stars, ranked by their off-court earnings estimates published with Forbes’ highest-paid NBA players list in October.

Wordle everywhere ... but Worldle?

You’ve probably seen a bunch of these around … Facebook posts showing how someone did on today’s Wordle, the few $ million the creator made selling it to the New York Times, etc.

It’s fun to jumpstart your brain and if you haven’t run across it yet, click here.

BUT, if you’re ready for a bigger challenge, try WORLDLE. Yes, I spelled it correctly and no, you can’t pronounce it, but it takes the Wordle formula and applies it to geography.

Challenging … frustrating … not easy … but I suspect you’ll quickly see that like most people, your geography knowledge may need a little work.

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