Financial Acumen Workshop – Resources

Financial Acumen Workshop

Financial Acumen Workshop: Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

Here are the Resources discussed during the workshop that are available for immediate download.

Please note that these Resources will only be available through Tuesday, January 22, 2014. At that time, this page will be removed and this information will no longer be available.


  1. E-book: Vanquish the Four Horsemen and Save Your Business – Four Mission Critical Moments in the Life of Your Business
  2. 13 Week Cash Flow Template. This Excel workbook will give you a head start in creating a short interval cash flow tool so you can closely manage all cash flow activities.
  3. Financial Terms & Definitions. This document was sent to you prior to the workshop but it’s provided again here for your convenient reference.
  4. Trade Cycle Measurement Tool. This single page Excel workbook makes it easy to calculate the number of days invested in your trade cycle. It will be the most valuable if you update it each month and track the changes over time to see if the actions you have taken to improve cash flow have had an impact.
  5. We’ve created a brief Financial Acumen Workshop Summary of some of the key elements we discussed. Stay tuned for an upcoming book as a definitive guide to this material.

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