Does your 2022 Plan have some of the same content as last year?

Are you still trying to cobble together a plan to finally implement your strategy this year?

It doesn’t take long for the inevitable slowdown in strategy execution to rear its ugly head, does it?

Some of the initiatives might be retreads which didn’t get implemented in the past … some of them might not be as  compelling … some of them have worn everyone out and they’re cheering for them to just go away.

We still get to ask this question:

If the execution of a company’s plans is an avowed priority, critical to the success of both the CEO and the business, why aren’t CEOs spending enough time on it to make it successful?

How is it that a subject among the top three goals of most CEOs is the very one where the CEO has the least amount of success?

Is this simply a conundrum tucked inside a mystery hidden in an enigma … or can we sort out some of this ambiguity?

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