Does Everyone in Your Company Clearly Understand Your Vision?

Powered by Purpose is the theme for Leadercast LIVE, the largest single-day leadership event in the world which takes place this Friday, May 5th.

With that in mind, it seems like a good time to consider the Purpose of YOUR Company.

Why is Your Company Even Here - 3 Tips To Tell Everyone Why


In Why is Your Company Even Here? 3 Tips To Tell Everyone Why, I’m asking you this question …

“Have you clearly communicated the purpose of your organization so everyone in your company can recite it?”

I provide several examples of Vision and Mission statements that are eminently vague and provide no clue whatsoever about the identity of the companies using them … alongside others where the company’s identity is absolutely clear. I think you’ll see the difference.

Check out the 3 simple Rules of Thumb in this article to guide your efforts to clearly communicate your purpose and establish you as a Leader Worth Following.

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