Competence. Confidence. Caring. You’re done!

conference-tableBy now, you know that the Sunday NY Times Corner Office series is oft-quoted here to highlight varying aspects of leadership that flow from Adam Bryant’s conversations with notable CEOs and business leaders.

This week he interviewed William Green, Chairman and CEO of Accenture. Read it in its entirety as a refresher on important elements of leadership.

Green reminds us that there is an abundance of talent that we’re not mining … not looking closely enough, not raising the bar high enough to bring out the highest and best value in our teammates. He recounts a 3 day meeting at which he counted 68 things he told his managers that were required to be successful. When he realized that no one would remember that many items, he synthesized them to the 3 core principles which I’ve used to title this post.

Interestingly, Green emphasizes the value of moving your people around, putting them into new spaces to develop their leadership capability. This week’s issue of Fortune magazine headlines How to build great leaders, emphasizing many of these same techniques adopted by successful leadership companies.

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