Carry the Battle to the Enemy!

In his statement preceding the portion I’ve included in today’s quote was this additional line from Admiral Halsey, who by the way, was one of only 4 individuals in U.S. history to attain the rank of Fleet Admiral ( 5 stars):

All problems, personal, national, or combat, become smaller if you don’t dodge them, but confront them.

Whether like it or not … and whether we want to state the problem boldly or not … by any measure, WE’RE IN A WAR!

A battle between our health and safety and the economic stability we all cherish … and require.

Touch a thistle timidly, and it pricks you; grasp it boldly and its spines crumble. Carry the battle to the enemy! Lay your shop alongside his!

We can identify the opposing forces in many ways. Some will claim … “this pandemic is only temporary” … or “the health crisis is exaggerated”. Others insist, “it’s an economic pandemic” … or “let’s open ‘er up and get back to work.”

In either case, have no doubt we’re at war on both fronts:

  • Eradicate the virus, AND
  • Restore our economy.

In short, we can’t go lightly into the breach. Rather, we need to MAN THE BATTLE STATIONS. (Using “man” as a verb, not as a gender ID. 😉)

Take aggressive action. Be bold. Don’t assume this is a mere skirmish.

We’re facing the worst unemployment numbers since the Great Depression, or as phrased by others, the greatest economic challenge since World War II.

No pussyfooting allowed, or as Admiral Halsey also put it:

“Hit hard, Hit Fast, Hit Often!”

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