How did Bruno Mars make it to the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Bruno Mars

How did Bruno Mars make it to the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Do you like the music of the Hawaiian-born Peter Gene Hernandez? He’s a mighty good Elvis impersonator in case you missed him.

His father nicknamed him after a famous wrestler; later, Bruno added another name to it.

You may know him today as Bruno Mars

How is Bruno Mars doing these days?

I’ve always liked the music from Bruno Mars even though my daughter thinks it’s a bit cheesy, sugary, schmaltzy? Something like that.

But, I figure I’m in pretty good company. He’s enjoyed over 1 billion views on YouTube, and this year won the Grammy award for Unorthodox Jukebox as the Best Pop Vocal Album.

He’ll also be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday with over 1 billion people expected to watch. (One of my friends saw his live concert recently and said it was “awesome.”)

What a great song for an alarm clock

I should also mention that never before have I found a more perfect song to accompany my morning alarm. Go ahead and sing along with the monkeys:

Today I don’t feel like doing anything.
I just wanna lay in my bed.
Don’t feel like picking up my phone
Leave a message at the tone
Because today I don’t feel like doing anything

The irony and humor of that little piece makes me smile every morning, even when it goes off before the sun comes up.

How does Bruno say he got here?

Recently, I heard him describe the key to his accomplishments in a interview on CBS Sunday morning.

It applies to all of us and it couldn’t be clearer. Responding to a question about his meteoric success, he said: It just goes to show you …

“If you put in the work, and don’t stop believing, it can happen.”

Pretty simple, huh?

Unfortunately, most of us only hear the “don’t stop believing” chant. Maybe because it’s the oft-repeated mantra of so many personal development gurus as well as assorted charlatans and wannabes.

It’s a valid and inspiring sentiment, but ….

Put in the hard work or don’t bother believing

Too bad so many miss the most important part he said … about

“if you put in the hard work”.

Sadly, I’m afraid, there’s just no substitute for hard work.

Believing doesn’t make your dreams come true.

Hard work does.

If you missed that part, go ahead and skip the “believing” part.

It ain’t gonna happen.

QUESTION: What are you doing to make sure you put in the hard work you need to be successful? What’s getting in the way?

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