Bonus Tip: Whoever does the laundry will LOVE THIS!

Who does the laundry in your house?

If you hold the distinction of laundryman / laundrywoman in your household … my wife takes it very seriously in our house … you’ll love this bonus tip.

I think every week for at least the first year that we used these, my wife extolled their virtues, and since I discovered them, I was a god for awhile … a very short while, mind you, but we take it wherever we can get it.

Does your washer eat socks, too?

Matching socks is a real pain if you’re the washerman / washerwoman.

Different shades of black and navy, different ribbing, ankle or calf length … who knew? Getting them to match is tedious and thankless … and who hasn’t shown up at work at least once with a black and navy sock that looked the same when you put them on?

We got these at Containers & More (no affiliation).

You can also find similar Lok-A-Soks on Amazon.

You simply hold the socks together and stick them through the rubber grip and throw them in the washer/dryer.

The rubber doesn’t hurt anything and doesn’t discolor. There’s not only no more matching to ever be done, but no folding, either. Just stuff them in the drawer and you’re done.

Men … particularly if you’re not doing the laundry, go buy these RIGHT NOW and your spouse/partner will think you’re a god too … until you screw up again (but like I said, take what you can get).

If you are the washerman, you can give yourself a big hug.