Get Blog Updates via RSS

rss-feed-icon-28x28  What is RSS?


RSS, which stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” is a simple way to give you a way to keep up with your favorite blogs, news sites and other websites.

You can choose the sites you wish to subscribe to, and then get updates in one centralized location.

Let the content come to you

In essence, RSS allows the content to come to you.

That means you do not actually have to go to each blog or website individually when you want to view new updates they’ve published.

You don’t have to visit my Exkalibur web site to stay up-to-date.

By signing up to my RSS feed, you will receive all of my new content that will automatically be sent to your RSS reader.

RSS delivery IS really simple

Don’t be daunted by this unfamiliar phrase because it is a very simple procedure to use and will only take you a few minutes to add the Sword Tips to your chosen RSS Reader so that any material or blog posts that are added will automatically be routed to you.

You only have to do this once for any particular web site, and you will receive all of the new posts and content pages – automatically – on a regular basis.

Let me know if you’re having a problem and we’ll be glad to help you with the process so you can simplify your life and receive our content every time we post a new article, podcast or video.

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