Do you want to Be Legendary? Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

We think musicians, actors, athletes and other artists are uniquely able to Be Legendary. I t only seems that way because they’re in the public eye, but you, too, can Be Legendary.


Imagine you are so remarkable that all the world stands in your honor, swinging and singing, tiny flashlights dancing across the ceiling, oblivious to the world around them?

How do we become legendary?

How do we achieve such an astounding level of recognition and praise for our talents and accomplishments?

[pullquote]I may be a living legend, but that sure don’t help when I’ve got to change a flat tire. ~Roy Orbison[/pullquote]

What does it take to Be Legendary

That thought has to occur to you when you watch the Kennedy Center Honors. While there are many legendary figures celebrated every year since 1978, the tribute to Paul McCartney in 2010 always stands out in my mind. (The two-hour program is broadcast every year between Christmas and New Year’s Day.)

Don’t miss this year’s event next month. Sadly, one of my favorite all time groups, and maybe one of yours, the The Eagles, were chosen for this year’s gala, but their recognition has been deferred until 2016 due to the health of Glenn Frey.

Paul McCartney has achieved Legendary Status

According to this year’s press release …

“… the Honors have been compared to a knighthood in Britain, or the French Legion of Honor–the quintessential reward for a lifetime’s endeavor.”

Yes, there were other honorees when Paul McCartney was recognized … Oprah Winfrey, Merle Haggard, Jerry Herman and Bill T. Jones … but there were goosebumps aplenty as I listened to some of McCartney’s and the Beatles’ memorable songs … sung by luminaries like James Taylor, Steven Tyler, Gwen Stefani and Mavis Staples.

What is your special gift?

exuWow! How can we do that, I wondered?

How do we, as Steve Jobs said, get rid of all the crappy stuff and stay focused like a rocket heading to its target?

How do we apply the unique characteristics that define and differentiate us to achieve excellence in our chosen field? How do we stay unshackled from the constraints of everyday living and get our star to shine like Sirius?

And when the night is cloudy ….

It’s easy to ponder McCartney’s accomplishments and overlook the turbulence that has surrounded his life … from the screaming crowds and adoration beginning  in his early 20’s, to later encounters with drugs, the deaths of his wife and John Lennon, a more recent divorce ….

Just a few of those distractions would overpower a weaker individual, and yet with all of it, he created an enduring musical catalog that lives in the hearts of billions of people across the world.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid ….

I watched the “shining eyes”, borrowing the words of Benjamin Zander, that stared in wonder at Paul McCartney during the gala ceremony.

He was standing in the balcony reserved for the honorees, awash in the crescendo of adulation and applause.

The musical set finished with Let it Be, which rocked the house, and when the huge choir assembled on stage for Hey, Jude, the crowd came to its feet, flashlights in hand, arms raised, McCartney singing, the President, Oprah and special guests swinging and swaying like they were in a totally different world.

At that moment, McCartney’s music and lyrics transcended time and generations, with intoxicating power.

Don’t miss this funny, mesmerizing and uplifting testimony to his legendary status. I just watched it again and it’s awesome. You’ll find yourself toe tapping and signing right along in no time.

What are you doing to Be Legendary?

What will inspire you to sharpen your focus and accelerate your journey in 2016?

What will you do differently to make your life remarkable?

Take the time to build your personal plan … and remember this one thing.

Don’t forget to Be Legendary.

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