Are you the one who’s always ready to cast the first stone?

What a wonderful reminder this is for all of us.


Aren’t you – all too often – judgmental when a friend or colleague doesn’t think like you do … is prone to say stupid things you would never say… not as kind as you …. etc.?

We’ve all worked in environments – probably still do – where the negative observation is the first to be trotted out with the positive results taking a back seat … often WAAAYYY in the back.

I’ve often laughed with other executives about this. A common example we use is a hypothetical situation where the boss or owner is seeing a beautiful new football field … luscious green grass everywhere … and you envisioning how proud your boss will be about your accomplishment … only to hear him/her say after looking across its rich, green expanse:

What’s this brown spot here?” as she looks down and eyeballs the few blades of grass that aren’t green.

It’s happened TO you I’m sure, but it doesn’t have to be coming FROM you.

Following Benjamin Franklin’s dictum will encourage you to look for the best in others while making sure you’re attending to your own vices so you will Become a More Effective Leader.

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