Are you the Architect for Tomorrow for Your Business

I hope you’re always examining what may be holding you back from being a Leader Worth Following. O ne challenge you must overcome is to set the Vision for your company.


I finally got a chance to watch the movie, Creed, the latest movie in the Rocky series.

Rocky is retired, running a restaurant appropriately named “Adrian’s. Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, the world champion who Rocky defeated, showed up on his doorstep one day.

He had been rescued from a juvenile detention center by the wife of his deceased father. He finally got his life together but had a fire in his belly to follow his father into the ring.

Who’s Your Enemy?

In one of the landmark scenes, Rocky puts Adonis in front of a mirror to do some shadow boxing. When he gets close to the mirror, Rocky peers over Adonis’ shoulder, points at Adonis’ image in the mirror and speaks these words:

“That’s your biggest enemy … in the ring … AND in life.

What’s holding you back?

What is holding you back from becoming the Effective Leader you want to be?

In addition to the limitations we seem to put on ourselves, there are also more objective challenges you face as a leader.

One of the greatest challenges is that Vision Thing.

Achieving a vision for the company you want to build is one of the most elusive objectives on your leadership journey.

There are so many factors to assess …

  • the competitive landscape,
  • the economic environment,
  • technology changes,
  • the nature of the changing workforce …

and often that level of study and reflection alone can be overwhelming.

Vision Doesn’t Show Up in a Vision

Vision doesn’t show up in a vision. It doesn’t appear like magic just when you need it.

[pullquote]A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock pile when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.~ Antoine Saint-Exupery[/pullquote]

It shows up when you focus and extend your strategic thinking … and that doesn’t happen until you devote the quality time necessary to actually think about the future.

Really thinking … with a clear head, an empty calendar and a blank sheet of paper.

It may also help to recall Monday’s Quote of the Week, which you see alongside.

Isn’t it time for you to contemplate building your cathedral?

Consider this Simple Framework

One of the ways you can get inspired and create your vision to become the Architect of Tomorrow is to attend Leadercast 2016 on Friday, May 6.

The exceptional roster of speakers is devoted to this part of your journey and will present a simple framework to face the uncertain future and lead your company to sustainable success.

How do you acquire the …

Eyes to See Tomorrow

Voice to Share Tomorrow

Heart to Inspire Tomorrow

Feet to Lead Tomorrow

Because your vision of the future is so critical to your leadership effectiveness, and the success of your business, I don’t want you to miss the chance – it’s on only one day each year, and for 2016, on Friday, May 6 – to join me and many of your North Bay and SF Bay area colleagues at Leadercast 2016.

It is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. This is the 16th consecutive telecast … and this year, it will be broadcast to 650 sites and 120,000 leaders around the world.

What’s In It For Me?

This year’s theme is Architects of Tomorrow, and brings together business leaders like Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Kat Cole, Group President of Focus Brands.

It includes powerful speakers and authors like Andy Stanley, the perennial favorite among Leadercast attendees, and Dr. Henry Cloud, psychologist, leadership coach and author of more than 17 books. Nick Saban, the legendary Alabama football coach whose team won the National Championship again this year, will also speak.

You owe it to yourself and your team to take some time from your busy schedule — to get inspired and focus on how you can become a More Effective Leader.

On Friday, May 6 – on this one day only – you can start the process to create, share, build and sustain the vision for your business.

Won’t you join me?

Question: what are you doing to work on your vision for yourself and your company? You can easily add your comment below, or by visiting our Facebook Page or @Exkalibur on Twitter. I visit them every day and look forward to discussing these ideas and concepts with you.

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