Any control freaks out there?

Those of you who are willing to admit …  or deserving … of wearing this crown have probably stumbled down the staircase more than once trying to exert your control over every fiber of the carpet beneath your feet.

Researchers have found that when test subjects are even subliminally exposed to the name of a person they believe is “controlling”, they unconsciously do the OPPOSITE of hard work. It seems that people value their freedom “so much so that even an unconscious memory of a controlling person stimulates a behavioral reaction.”

Combine this with The Productivity Paradox and the work done at Sony Pictures to focus more on employee energy management rather than time management, and a theme begins to emerge about the critical importance of how we treat individuals in the workplace and how a leader’s behavior effects performance in so many ways. You should also consider the comments made by Stephen I. Sadove, CEO of Saks, Inc. and his emphasis on the overriding importance of a relationship culture to drive business performance.

What new or innovative ways have you found to deal with people and unleash the power and energy in your organization?

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