Anne Mulcahy – Xerox CEO – Good Lessons!

conference-table1The NY Times interviewed Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox on Sunday in their Corner Office segment. She offered several keen observations on a wide range of subjects that are worth considering:

  1. Leadership is the essence of creating “followership” … recognize that all employees are “volunteers”. Communication is fundamental to keep everyone focused on the same ball.
  2. In a crisis, there is compelling momentum for change. Channel it and use it!
  3. The CEO job is very isolating. Get out and talk to CEO’s, coaches, others … what are they worried about? how are they dealing with the stress of the challenges? What are some of their great ideas?
  4. There is very little honest feedback in companies … it’s critical to get candid assessments.
  5. Keep your primary contact list handy … thumb through it regularly to make sure you’re staying in touch with the key members of your team and network.

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