Start Drinking. Coffee First. Then, a Nice Chilled Mug of Amnesia

Have a seat and start sipping on that delicious mug of amnesia.

Y ou can down more than one of these if you need it.

We just concluded a three-day Labor Day weekend and just maybe we had a few too many burgers, dogs and mugs of adult beverages over the holiday?

After all that practice with adult beverages, maybe it’s time to sober up with an even more powerful adult beverage.

How About a Mug of Amnesia?

No calories. Low carbs. Non fat … AND loaded with the protein you need to turbocharge your organization.

Finally, a Hangover That Feels Good

[pullquote]Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. ~ Seneca[/pullquote]

There is one similarity to other adult beverages:

  • You will forget about your mistakes.

But with today’s drink, you’ll also forget the mistakes of others.

If you’ve been religious about doing your After Action Reviews, you’ve already learned the lessons drawn from those failures and disappointments.

If you made sure everyone learned those lessons, including those individuals who may have fallen short of your expectations, it’s time to move on.

Send This Powerful Message to Everyone

  • “We’ve learned our lessons.”
  • “We’ve wiped the slate clean.”
  • “We’re starting fresh today.”

What Does That Tell Your Organization?

Every one of you are just as important today as you were yesterday.

You don’t hold grudges.

You have full confidence in them.

Sure, we made some mistakes.

So what?

We learned what we could from them and now, we’re moving on.

No grudges.

No harm. No foul.

Time to Turn the Page

Why not start a new chapter TODAY?

See what you can accomplish with a fresh start?

That doesn’t mean throwing the baby out with the bath water, but it does mean you’re “over” the errors of omission and commission in the past … and ready to move on.

At many times in our lives, all of us relish a chance to “start over” … clean the slate … and get a fresh start.

You’d be amazed at how much fuel that will put in your tank and the tanks of your teammates.

Get on with it.

Pass me another mug of that Amnesia, will ya?

Question: What can you do to give your team a fresh start TODAY

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