7 Simple Steps to Build Vital Flexibility into Your Company’s DNA

Over many years, I’ve racked my brain for the single word that represents THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of a successful business.

Go ahead. Try it. What words come to mind?

Communication will probably cross your mind. Maybe AccountabilityLeadership or Culture … as well as personal characteristics like integrity, authenticity and so on.

Is it Possible to Find a Single Word That Can Save Your Business?

But when it comes to the one single guidepost that can save your business or cripple it, I always come back to the same word: FLEXIBILITY.

7 Simple Steps to Build Vital Flexibility into Your Company's DNA
In 7 Steps to Build Flexibility into Your Company’s DNA, I talk about all the times we’ve all needed a do-over … a mulligan … a makeover … just one more chance to do something over again so we get it right.

In our professional life, those “do-overs” are usually pretty costly … and much more costly when we fail to implement the flexibility that could have saved our bacon.

If you want to make sure you build FLEXIBILITY into your company’s DNA, these 7 steps will ensure it’s deeply embedded into your decision-making process … and give you the greatest possible chance to overcome uncertainty and build a successful business.

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