20 Years! $20 Million! 15 Minutes???

Here’s a great article about the extraordinary feat being attempted tomorrow by Michael Fournier, a retired French paratrooper. He’s going to ascend 25 miles above the earth in a hot air balloon and then skydive back to earth, breaking 4 world records and traveling at supersonic speeds from, yes, 130,000 feet above the earth! It’s a fascinating and complex undertaking, far more involved than you may think. You can read about his incredible exploit here.

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  1. Vince Albano


    Can we put this on our list of things to do in 2008, right after our flight North and river speedboat trip. Vince

  2. Lary

    We could . . . except the follow up is that his balloon got away in the wind that morning – cost $200K – and he’s broke, with no ride into the stratosphere. See my follow up post today for more details.

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