Productivity: The most comfortable ways to use your iPad … and more

I’ve been traveling more than ever lately, and wanted to share with you several products that really make a difference in how I use my iPad, in different environments, to consume the wide range of materials I read and watch. Keep reading for some other ideas, too.

Productivity Tips: Twelve South HoverBar
Twelve South HoverBar | © 2013 Twelve South LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The HoverBar from Twelve South is a simple device that attaches to a computer stand, e.g., to the base of an iMac … or to a different workstation … or to a tabletop, kitchen counter, bookshelf or another surface. It uses a padded clamp that is adjustable up to 1″ wide, and can be purchased for any iPad model.

My wife makes fun of mine, suggesting that it looks like a table in a senior citizen center, but it’s a very convenient, hands-free way to suspend your iPad for easy reading on a table that you can bring up to your favorite chair or sofa.

It works great for me and I wouldn’t be without it … honey!

But, when I’m traveling and not at home …

Another Twelve South product that I always carry but has been displaced with the HoverBar at home, is still an irreplaceable travel companion.

Twelve South Compass | © 2013 Twelve South LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Twelve South Compass | © 2013 Twelve South LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Twelve South Compass mobile iPad stand folds up into a very compact package that easily fits into your travel bag. Like an easel, it reliably cradles the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode … or at a comfortable typing angle if you use it for that.

BTW, If you’re struggling to type on the iPad’s glass surface, you might find that a handy keyboard makes more sense for you.

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There’s more great Twelve South stuff ….

I recognize this is starting to read like a Twelve South commercial, but as I was perusing their product list, I realized that I own many other Twelve South products that I’ve found helpful.

I own and use every one of these because they boost my productivity and organization, but please don’t spend any money on these products unless you need them to to help achieve your goals. (Note: This is NOT an affiliate link and is only provided to share some information that you might find helpful.)

The other products I use include:

Twelve South SurfacePad for Air Twelve South BookArc Pro Twelve South PlugBug Twelve South BackpackIf you’re an Apple aficionado, you might want to check out the beautifully constructed and versatile products made by Twelve South. Come to think of it, I think my daughter is using the BookBook ….

Question: What are your favorite utility devices that you can’t live without? Please share those ideas by leaving your comments below.

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