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We better keep our brain connected to our body.

Stress is likely the principal backdrop for mental health issues, so you should take a look at the contrasting articles about stress in our Business Brief segment.

Neuroscientists believe our brains most important job is to help us answer this question?

"How are you feeling right now?"

A few examples

"Your ability to sense the physical state of your body in this way helps you survive. It helps you eat instead of starve. It tells you to call the hospital if you feel you might be having a heart attack.

There’s great connectivity between bodily and emotional feelings.

Excellent article with valuable insights for all of us.

What happens to all those shopping returns?

As you might imagine, buying the clothes is easy. Sending them back? Not so much.

A lot is restored and resold, and a lot is destroyed.

For the fast-fashion clothing in the U.S. along, returns during 2021 jumped by 22% from the previous year.

Read more in Here’s what actually happens to all your online shopping returns.

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